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A Best Registered Agent LLC is Delaware’s premiere registered agent and business formation service. We own our own building smack dab in the middle of Dover, just a brisk walk to the Court of Chancery or Delaware’s Division of Corporations, and this allows us to keep our costs low and our prices competitive.

How competitive? We charge $99 a year for our Delaware registered agent service, we offer free mail forwarding of 3 non-state documents a year, and we let our customers use our business address on all of their public filings. This gives our customers a flexible mail solution, and helps keep their private information off public record.

Need to form an LLC in Delaware or start a Delaware corporation? We can help there too.

Our Delaware business filing service costs $45 plus state fees and our registered agent service fee. That’s $254 total to form your Delaware LLC and $253 total to incorporate your business in Delaware.

Both totals include one full year of our Delaware registered agent service PLUS a domain name, website and an email address, SSL certificate, and phone service. That’s all the tools you need to make a splash online and keep your private and business communications separate so that you look and feel professional.

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What is a Delaware Registered Agent?

A Delaware registered agent serves as an intermediary between your business and the state, receiving service of process and other official notices and documents from the Delaware Division of Corporations. If your business ever gets sued, your Delaware registered agent is supposed to notify your business in a timely manner.

If you’re operating a corporation or LLC in Delaware, state law demands that you appoint a Delaware registered agent. You can choose to do the job yourself (if you have a physical in-state address), appoint some other willing individual, or hire a registered agent service like A Best Registered Agent instead.

Whatever route you choose, your business’s Delaware registered agent must:

  • Maintain a registered office in Delaware at a physical street address (no PO boxes),
  • Keep normal business hours at that registered office (9am to 5pm on ordinary work days), and
  • Be fine with your business including this registered office address on all of publicly-available state filings.

That last part—the address on public filings—is one of the main reasons it’s a good idea to hire a Delaware registered agent service like A Best Registered Agent.

Delaware has stellar business privacy laws, but that’s all pretty much worthless if you serve as your own registered agent and have to include your business address on your public filings. And, apart from kissing your privacy goodbye, you’ll have to maintain ordinary business hours too—hardly a possibility for all business owners.

At A Best Registered Agent, we can handle each of these responsibilities and more. Not only will hiring us as your Delaware registered agent give you greater flexibility with regard to your work day, but the use of our Delaware address on your public filings helps protect your personal and business privacy.

Plus, you’ll receive the other great benefits of our Delaware registered agent service listed below—all for one low price of $99 a year.

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A Best Registered Agent Benefits

  • One Low Price: $99 Per Year
  • The Use of Our Business Address on Your Public Filings
  • Free Mail Forwarding (up to 3 non-state documents per year)
  • A Secure Online Account You Can Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Real-Time Local Document Uploading & Delivery
  • Timely Compliance Reminders, Notices & Updates
  • The Friendly Service of Our Team of DE Business Experts
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Why Form a Business in Delaware?

We’ll be honest, other than our claim to fame of being the first state to ratify the US Constitution, Delaware isn’t the most exciting place. Sure we have some pretty nice beaches, but we don’t even number a million residents, and our university mascot is a Blue Hen—certainly nothing to cheer about.

Yet there are several definite reasons why more than 50% of publicly traded companies in the US and more than 65% of Fortune 500 companies call Delaware home:

Delaware LLCs don’t have to list member names or addresses in their filings, and members and managers are only specified in the operating agreement, which is an internal document. This means that an LLC’s private information is not recorded on public records, making the LLC a popular vehicle for protecting assets. Moreover, when you hire a third party (like us!) to start your Delaware corporation, you don’t have to list shareholders, directors or officers on the public record.

However, your corporation is required to make a Franchise Tax payment every year and, in doing so, it must list the names and addresses of the company’s directors and one officer. Shareholders, however, do not need to be specified and therefore have privacy protection.

We’re sort of allergic to taxes in Delaware. No state sales tax means you pay sticker price for laptops to beach towels to bubble gum. No value-added taxes, no use tax, no inventory tax, no inheritance tax, no capital shares or taxes for transferring stock, and no tax on intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, and naming rights.

Delaware doesn’t play around when it comes to protecting an LLC’s assets. In general, you (the LLC member) won’t be responsible for your Delaware LLC’s debts and vice versa, and the only way a creditor can seize a Delaware LLC’s assets to pay back a member’s separate debt is by acquiring a charging order.

A charging order would entitle the creditor to collect on distributions made to the LLC members, but it wouldn’t allow the creditor to seize control of the company.

Established in 1792, the Court of Chancery allows companies to resolve disputes quickly with a judge rather than a jury. Judges for the Court of Chancery specialize in corporate law, draw on hundreds of years of legal precedent, and hear only business-related cases.

Delaware business laws also tend to be more favorable to businesses compared to other states, and Delaware has a long history of precedents that the court can use to help with disputes.

Our Business Formation Service

We are laser focused when it comes to Delaware’s business landscape. That’s why A Best Registered Agent offers more than just our standard registered agent service. If you’re starting your LLC or corporation from scratch, we can do the heavy lifting for you with our Delaware business formation service.

Our Delaware business formation service includes:

  • One full year of our Delaware registered agent service
  • Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Incorporation Filed with the State
  • The use of our address on your public filings
  • A secure online portal to view your documents anytime
  • Timely compliance reminders & notifications
  • Tools to establish a professional online business presence: domain name, website, SSL certificate, email, and phone service
  • The expert service of our Delaware filing specialists
  • Option to add a trade name (DBA) for $125 per Delaware county (plus government fees) after purchasing one of our services

Our business formation services cost $45 plus state fees and registered agent service fees for both LLCs and corporations. Click either of the buttons below to get started today.

Delaware Registered Agent Service

If you’re operating a corporation or LLC in Delaware, state law demands that you appoint a Delaware registered agent.

$99 a year

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Delaware Business Formation Service

Our Delaware business filing service costs $45 plus state fees and our registered agent service fee.

That’s $254 total to form your Delaware LLC and $253 total to incorporate your business in Delaware AND get what you need to establish your online business presence (website, email, phone service, and more).

We also have the option for you to add a trade name (DBA) for $150 per Delaware county after purchasing a business formation service.

$254 total

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Why Hire A Best Registered Agent?

We’re not a big company run by some billionaire with their own island. We’re just a local Delaware business that makes a living and a life out of helping people achieve the American dream of business ownership.

Our staff is local and we all nerd out over meeting deadlines and working with our customers to provide great services at a fair price.

You can go with one of the big companies and be a number, not a name, but when you work with us at A Best Registered Agent, we’ll welcome you in like family.

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